The World of Gluten-Free Recipes

Just a simple search on Google reveals a plethora of recipes for all different types of food. However, with more and more people becoming gluten-free, more websites are adapting and becoming gluten-free as well. One website in particular is called Simply Recipes. This site has an entire gluten-free index of recipes for all different types of food. The recipes range from gluten free soups to gluten-free chill and more. This website demonstrates media fluency in that it shows how media have to adapt to the changes in the world. Recipe sites now have to accommodate to all different types of people. The simplicity of just searching recipes and finding an astonishing amount of them on the internet demonstrates just how easy it is to accommodate the internet to personal needs. The real question is, is it going to stop here? If people begin to form different allergies and diseases will media be able to keep up? This is only something that time will be able to tell.

Simply Recipes


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