Start off the right way by learning how to eat Gluten-Free!

You may think that it may be nearly impossible to eat gluten-free; IT’S NOT. Trust me, the more you become aware of your products and your surroundings, the easier it will be. Practice makes perfect! Here are some ways to begin a gluten-free diet:

1. Clean out your kitchen! You need to dispose of anything that contains gluten. Some people even need to change their toasters. If you are in major need of this, take those drastic measures. This is a good start to getting rid of any products that are gluten-containing.

2. Start with fresh produce or meats. To avoid any gluten at all, limit your diet to unprocessed foods at first and go from there. Fresh fruits, fresh meats, poultry and fish do not contain gluten! Eating as simply as you can with fresh herbs and spices will help you.

3. Expand to include gluten-free products. Once you have conquered the fresh products, you can go on to the foods that are clearly labeled “gluten-free.” You can find bread, pizzas, frozen waffles, and gluten-free beer for you! Amazing!

4. Learn to read food labels! Manufacturers can label something “gluten-free,” but that does not mean that there is not a trace of wheat in there. Food labeling laws do not require the disclosure of gluten-containing ingredients on food labels!  Always remember that wheat-free does not mean gluten-free! Do not be fooled!

5. Consider a gluten-free Smartphone App! With our society constantly changing and our media taking our our influences, this is the perfect way to learn more about gluten-free! There are many apps in the digital age that help people who want or NEED to be gluten-free! Here are a few that you should take a look at:

  • Is That Gluten Free? (&7.99)
  • Grain or No Grain (Free)
  • Gluten Free Nom Nom: Recipes (Free)
  • Gluten Free Restaurant Items ($2.99)

I hope this helps a lot more. Remember: it’s not impossible, especially with our digital age that we live in now!

-Janice Vargas


3 thoughts on “Start off the right way by learning how to eat Gluten-Free!

  1. Before reading this post, I’ll admit that I’ve heard of people having to be gluten-free, but I didn’t exactly know which foods they can’t eat. Now after reading this I understand that wheat is what people with Coeliac disease are unable to eat. Now that I know some of the foods that are gluten-free, I’ll try to eat some more since they seem to be mainly healthy foods!

  2. These apps are awesome! They literally are right at your hand which is amazing. Very easy! I cannot imagine our era without these things.

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