Celiac disease, genes, and Twitter!

John Hawks is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Hawks has been studying how celiac disease has become such a common disorder in recent history. Hawks studies how  celiac disease may have arisen as a side effect of recent genetic adaptations.   He and coworkers focus on how gene networks have responded to environmental changes in recent  evolution. Hawks main accomplishment in this study occurred this summer when he and a former graduate student published evidence of changes in other,  genes related to celiac disease risk than the genes usually believed to play a part in the disease. Hawks said, “We learned that celiac disease is something that is probably characteristic of much more ancient humans.” One very interesting part of Hawks and his study is that throughout his whole study and career he has been using Twitter to educate the public about celiac disease and what he has learned form his studies. For more information on Hawks and his celiac disease studies, follow his twitter account!


-Ilyssa Frank

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