(INSTA)nt (INSTA)gluten-free (INSTAGRAM)!

What’s the first thing people tend to do right when they wake up? Yawn. Stretch. Try to fall back asleep? Hit that snooze button? Personally I tend to do all of the above, but my cell phone always manages to get in between all of that. I always look at my iPhone when I wake up; good thing it sleeps right next to me every night 🙂 . When laying in bed with my phone as I am woken up before my long day starts, I usually have the same routine of what I check on my phone: text messages emails, Facebook, Twitter, && INSTAGRAM! I love Instagram and it certainly is something that I check frequently. It’s a free app and is one that everyone should certainly download.

I have recently started following some gluten-free users on Istagram. WIth our digital age, everything is instant and at our hands wherever we are. Even from the moment that I wake up, I am able to look up anything that I please. I started looking through the trends of #glutenfree and I came across thousands of photos. They ranged from recipes to tips to just simple meals or drinks that were gluten-free.

One user that stood out to me the most was a woman named Shauna James Ahern. She is an avid social media user and talks about her gluten-free life style. I highly recommend following her if you are in need of gluten-free advice, articles, or recipes. Click her for her Twitter account or Click here for her Instagram account.

Remember, anything you want can be at your hands instantly. Use hashtags! Hashtag “gluten-free” and you will come up with thousands of options in any social media. Here are some photos that are #glutenfree on Instagram!

-Janice Vargas





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