Government Recognizes Gluten Free

Some may wonder what it means when an item is marked “gluten free” on a shelf in the supermarket.  This past August, the FDA (food and drug administration) set the standard that there is a gluten limit of 20 parts per million in products labeled gluten free.

This is important because it protects people with celiac disease.  This is essential as there is now a much larger demand for gluten free foods.  As someone with celiac, this new law is incredibly exciting.  It assures that I can eat foods that are marked gluten free and know that I will not encounter particles of gluten in which I will have a reaction to.  The industry of gluten free foods has complied with this new change as well.  It creates uniformity across the board for the definition of a gluten free food.

As someone who follows a strictly gluten free diet, I was aware of this new standard.  However, had I not been aware, there was certainly no way that I could miss it.  I follow a variety of gluten free accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  All of these gluten free accounts were sure to post links to a variety of news articles, discussing this new standard.  In fact, The New York Times even included an article discussing the positive aspects of the new standard.  Be sure to check out the link below to see what they had to say!


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