Gluten-Free Beauty

A gluten-free diet is easily turned into a lifestyle when gluten in beauty and skin products becomes a problem.  Although many people who suffer from gluten intolerance may only be affected by gluten that is directly put into their body, others cannot endure wheat, barley, or rye in any part of their regimen.  Products used on the body have recently been proven to be highly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing these external factors to become more of a concern for those who are gluten-free.

By simply searching the web for “gluten free beauty products,” a plethora of relative hits pop up.  Not only are there relatable people creating blogs with information and resources, but also there are products available from sources such as Sephora, and lists provided by InStyle online.  With these popular websites and brands acknowledging the need for gluten-free beauty products, it is easy to see that the gluten-free lifestyle has become widespread.  Marianna Mychaskiw from InStyle writes, “many brands have created options that leave out gluten, meaning you can steer clear of grain in your diet and your beauty routine.”  This increases the accessibility of gluten-free products to those who are truly cautious about the ingredients that they come in contact with.  Without these, unexpected reactions can easily occur.

The transition to a natural and gluten-free lifestyle is one that includes time and effort, and trial and error.  On a website entitled “Gluten Free Beauty,” blogger Kristen writes about the challenges of “finding safe and effective beauty products.”  She touches upon the sacrifices that she made for the gluten-free products that were not giving her preferred results, until she made the decision to test out various products, and for some time, create her own.

Online searches are helpful in finding a regimen for a completely gluten-free lifestyle.  The products that are currently available may be shocking to those that do not understand the prevalence of “gluten-free,” so to those that are just getting started, I would recommend InStyle’s online article “No Gluten? No Problem!” with a list of ten gluten-free beauty products.  You gotta start somewhere!


– Kerry Justich


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