The Struggle

So I have a confession…I was gluten free once.

You’re probably wondering, well, what happened? I’m Italian. That’s what happened. The idea of sitting at another family meal staring at meatballs, pasta, pizza, calzones, pies, cakes, cookies–you name it!–practically brought tears to my eyes. I was weak, and I gave in to the power of the pasta.

People often underestimate how much will power it takes to eat gluten free, and they have no idea how much more work you need to do to a) find gluten free food, and b) find good gluten free food. Because I have eaten gluten free for an extended period of time, I can sympathize with the struggles people who don’t eat gluten face everyday. I recently came across this BuzzFeed article that puts a humorous spin on the everyday troubles involved with avoiding gluten. So if you’re gluten deprived, sad, hungry, or really craving a donut, just remember you are not alone! And if you need another pick me up, you could always watch this hilarious YouTube video about food allergies (it’s a Les Miserablé parody, and it is fabulous). Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The Struggle

  1. The video is hysterical! I once tried going gluten free and it just took too much effort for me to think about everything I was consuming that contained gluten.

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