#gluten free

Whether you are gluten free or just have a friend that is gluten free, there are many different accounts on twitter that you can follow that can inform you of many new gluten free resources.  In fact, here at the University of Wisconsin, there gluten free badgers can follow @glutenfreeUW to learn about the latest gluten free information on campus.  The Gluten Free Badgers club created this account.  This club promotes gluten free awareness on campus, and provides a community of students that are gluten free.


Many gluten free twitter accounts tweet a variety of things regarding gluten.  Below is a list of the many gluten free accounts that provide insight into being gluten free.


Accounts for Products and People:

  • @udisglutenfree
  • @gfregistry
  • @delightgfmag
  • @isglutenfree
  • @rudisglutenfree
  • @glutenfreemedia
  • @glutenfreehub
  • @katzglutenfree
  • @glutenfreemama1


There are many more besides these accounts as well.  Simply search gluten free in people on twitter, or #glutenfree to find the gluten free account that best fits your needs.  Be sure to check out all these great accounts for the latest information on new gluten free products, information, and groups.


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