Gluten Free Applications!

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently released a list of gluten-free applications and reviews of each. These applications focus on various topics regarding gluten such as eating out in gluten-free locations. This site analyzes each applications and gives pros and cons for each regarding their material and usefulness. Check out these brief reviews of several of the applications!

AllergyEatsMobile: This application provides a search engine based on zip code, information for multiple allergies, and includes ratings and contact information for restaurants. However, this application does not give specific instructions or guidelines regarding what to eat at each restaurant.

Eating Out G-Free: This application assists in how to order gluten-free at a restaurant and how to specifically communicate your needs to the staff. This app also allows users to specify allergies, but does not give specific local restaurants.

Find Me Gluten Free: This application is extremely useful for those who travel and contains lists of local and chain restaurants. It also provides gluten-free menus for various restaurants near you.

Several other application reviews can be found at this website:


I took it upon myself to do further research regarding gluten free applications. Turns out there are a lot of different gluten free applications available. There are applications that allow users to insert a type of food and it will analyze it to see if it is gluten free. In a world where we use technology on a daily basis, it is incredible how technology can now even be used to monitor allergies!


-Ilyssa Frank


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