Kids’ Korner

The epitome of childhood is the yummy food that we all know and love.  As a kid, I was one to eat endless amounts of pancakes, pasta, and cookies…who wouldn’t?!  So as a gluten-free child, you may think there are set backs.  Especially to those parents who love to cook with their children, it is important to understand what a gluten-free child can and cannot eat.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness offers a helpfulpage on their website titled “Kids Central,” where a reader will find all things gluten free that will please any and all children who live with this intolerance.  The best part about this site is that it offers the option of either kids or parents, allowing anybody on the page to find just what they are looking for.  

For the kids, there are multiple places to find information about celiac and gluten-free in fun and interactive ways, including games and fundraisers.  For parents, there is helpful information that is well suited for the care taker of anybody with a gluten intolerance.  Along with this are gluten free recipes that a parent can try out with their child, allowing any kid to have the experience of homemade meals and baking with their parent, no matter what they can and cannot eat.

As a child with such food restrictions, I would surely find this website comforting.  It offers parents and kids to see that they truly are not alone, and that a whole community of people is willing to help in finding all sorts of fun things to do athome with celiac needs in mind.

To learn more visit this link,

Feel free to check out the rest of the website as well for plenty of more information about celiac disease, recipes, outlets, and more! 


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