Gluten-Free Related Buzzfeeds:

Buzzfeed is a very popular website that usually contains lists relating to a certain topic such as “30 signs you are obsessed with your dog”. I took it upon myself to search gluten on this site and actually received a lot of results. Some of the links were funny and others were actually lists of websites. I used to think Buzzfeed was just for entertainment purposes, but I know see this is not true. Buzzfeed actually contains valuable and useful information for people who are gluten-free! For example, here is a list of “23 Gorgeous Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Desserts”!

There are tons of other links related to being gluten-free and they all contain links to the recipes for every food the site suggests! One of the best gluten-free buzzfeeds I have seen is called “Everyday Struggles of Living Gluten-Free”. The link to this very funny and accurate link is below!

If you are ever feeling down about not being able to eat gluten definitely check out buzzfeed for some comical relief!


Ilyssa Frank


One thought on “Gluten-Free Related Buzzfeeds:

  1. I love Buzzfeed! I never knew that they had so many articles on gluten free and thought it was just a funny and entertaining site. I usually only see them when they appear on my newsfeed, so I found this post very interesting and knowledgable that buzzfeed can be used in different ways! Thanks!

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