GOODBYE 2gluten

As our adventure through gluten and the worldwide web comes to an end, it is interesting to reflect on how much can be learned.  Beginning this blog, it was difficult to imagine how gluten-free and the Internet would continue to come together for the future of this blog.  Through Google searches and different interactive media, it has become clear that everything necessary for a successful gluten-free lifestyle can easily be found through endless online resources.  From a fellow gluten-free blogger and others of us that are not, we hope to have shared with you the ins and outs of being gluten-free (or what being gluten-free even means).  For all of your gluten-free needs, continue to come back to goodbye2gluten to check out the outlets that have already been provided for you!

We must now do as we say and kick gluten to the curb, saying goodbye 2 gluten and to our blog. 

Thanks for all of your reading and all of the fun that we have had making this blog!

Your goodbye2gluten bloggers,

Danielle, Ilyssa, Janice, Kerry, and Sammy 


Should Restaurants be Required to Serve Some Gluten-Free Items?

With the increasing number of people who are gluten-free, people are beginning to question how this will affect restaurants and their menus. Some people feel that all restaurants should be required to serve some gluten-free dishes. What is your opinion? Answer in this poll!

Find Support!

Support groups can be a crucial resource for the newly diagnosed as well as the seasoned Celiac & non-celiab gluten-sensitive community. By attending local support group meetings and seminars you will gain important information on the latest in medical research, dietitian recommendations, useful tips for living a healthy gluten-free lifestyle,and so much more. Support Group meetings are a wonderful venue where you can chat with others on a similar Celiac journey.  Take a significant other, a friend, or go solo. You can even consider volunteering!

There are multiple National Celiac Organizations that can be a source of support groups. Here are some that are great:

-The American Celiac Disease Alliance

-Celiac Disease Foundation

-Celiac Sprue Association

-National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Remember: you are never alone. There are support groups everywhere and anywhere!

-Janice 🙂


Glutenista Deems Gluten Free Fabulous

Doesn’t everyone want to be fabulous by being gluten free? provides a website for people do connect to the most fabulous gluten free recipes, news, and information.  Glutenista aims to provide a fabulous gluten free community globally, providing advice and more for anyone who is gluten free.

This website has a list of recipes that are deemed fabulous as well as restaurants that provide options for people that maintain a gluten free diet. This site also provides a list of instructions and symptoms for people that are newly diagnosed.

Most recently, glutenista has been regularly posting different yet still fabulous, gluten free holiday cookie recipes.  She finds these recipes on other sites and tests them out.   If she deems them fabulous enough, then she makes them her “cookie of the day”.  Glutenista will continue doing this, daily, throughout the holiday season.

Glutenista has an incredibly extensive list of recipes including snacks, dinners, BBQ ideas, and more.  As someone who maintains a gluten free diet, I am always looking for new gluten free recipes.  I now will immediately turn to as she provides a wide range of options.  She posts recipes for specific occasions such as thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as basic recipes such as “Puppy Chow”, a delicious peanut butter and chocolatey cereal snack.

To add to this, Glutenista wants you to be as informed as possible.  She wants you to know that even if you are gluten free, you are not alone.  Glutenista provides a list of magazines that one can subscribe to as another source of information.  They also provide a list of gluten free celebrities to show you just how common this diet change can be.  Another important resource is Glutenista’s list of gluten free news.  Glutenista regularly posts new articles from around the web.  This news includes topics from new top recipes to the connection between celiac disease and infertility.  This way, gluten free men and women can stay up to date on all things gluten free.

I recommend that anyone that is gluten free or interested in a gluten free lifestyle, subscribe to receive “fabulous gluten free mail” from  For my information visit the site.  You’ll be amazed by what you can find here.

Paridd–Easy Gluten Free Cooking!

Paridd–Easy Gluten Free Cooking!

The restrictions of gluten free eating and a gluten free lifestyle are becoming more relevant in today’s society, and more widely resolved. Although many people focus on the limits that people have within restaurants, cooking at home brings alternate issues for those who are gluten free.

Pairdd is a website that offers home delivered ingredients, prepared for a home cooked meal. By recognizing the limited access that some may have to gluten free ingredients in local markets, Pairdd does the shopping for the customer. In addition, the measuring of each ingredient is done ahead of time, so all that has to be done is the cooking.

By looking at the pizzas, soups, stir fry, etc. offered by Pairdd, the quality of the ingredients is evident. This service, offered to Wisconsin residents, ensures that gluten free eaters do not miss out on any dining experience, especially in the home. 

The best part about is its accessibility on the Internet. Through just a few clicks, a home cooked meal can be bought, prepared, and delivered, leaving gluten free cookers with no excuses. In addition, the website has its own blog! Much like the other gluten free blogs that we have explored, the Pairdd blog offers a wide variety of interesting and fun information for people who are gluten free. 

For those of you who are gluten free, or not, I suggest checking out this website! See what foods are offered, and if you give it a try, see how well they turn out! Or at least check out the blog…