The transition of home life to college life is tough for all students, but extra concerns over dietary restrictions makes it even more difficult.  Stress is put on all college students to find accessible foods that fit their needs of a proper daily diet; but how easy is this for students who need to re-define their gluten-free diet?

We are a group of five college students who have experienced the dramatic changes of going from home, with the comfort of home-cooked meals and the relief of knowing the restaurants that we eat at, to the college town of UW-Madison, full of unknown restaurants and foods.  Although only one of us has a gluten intolerance known as celiac disease, we are all taking the initiative to encourage fellow students to learn more about being gluten-free, and all that this dietary need has to offer, rather than what it restricts.  By evaluating the information given to the public by the media, the apps that we find on our smartphones, and various other outlets that guide us to a healthy gluten-free regime, we encourage readers to try out the tools that we provide to help us uncover the truth about gluten-free.

Please join us as we search through Madison, and the worldwide web, to discover the way to an easy gluten-free lifestyle.


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