Paridd–Easy Gluten Free Cooking!

Paridd–Easy Gluten Free Cooking!

The restrictions of gluten free eating and a gluten free lifestyle are becoming more relevant in today’s society, and more widely resolved. Although many people focus on the limits that people have within restaurants, cooking at home brings alternate issues for those who are gluten free.

Pairdd is a website that offers home delivered ingredients, prepared for a home cooked meal. By recognizing the limited access that some may have to gluten free ingredients in local markets, Pairdd does the shopping for the customer. In addition, the measuring of each ingredient is done ahead of time, so all that has to be done is the cooking.

By looking at the pizzas, soups, stir fry, etc. offered by Pairdd, the quality of the ingredients is evident. This service, offered to Wisconsin residents, ensures that gluten free eaters do not miss out on any dining experience, especially in the home. 

The best part about is its accessibility on the Internet. Through just a few clicks, a home cooked meal can be bought, prepared, and delivered, leaving gluten free cookers with no excuses. In addition, the website has its own blog! Much like the other gluten free blogs that we have explored, the Pairdd blog offers a wide variety of interesting and fun information for people who are gluten free. 

For those of you who are gluten free, or not, I suggest checking out this website! See what foods are offered, and if you give it a try, see how well they turn out! Or at least check out the blog…


Bakery for Gluten-Free Badgers


Indulgence is key to any diet or lifestyle, especially with restrictions caused by gluten intolerances. With such a strict diet set by the inevitable fate of biology, room for indulgence may seem slight; however, it is easier than you would think to look for foods that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

In Madison, Wisconsin, food comes in endless quantities and varieties, even to those who are gluten-free. The Silly Yak Bakery is a place known and loved by many gluten-free badgers looking for a source of safe breads and baked goods for any occasion. By simply visiting the website, the accessibility of this bakery is evident. The list of products offered is infinite, as well as the ways in which they may be received. Although this is most convenient for our fellow Madison residents, options for shipping are immediately presented, sending relief to those that are not as close.

The torture of passing a bakery is described in a consumer’s review on the homepage of the website, reflecting the daily struggles that most non-gluten-free eaters do not consider. The ability to walk into any restaurant, bakery, or super market and find safe food is a privilege that gluten-free eaters may not experience as often as those who are not. With this in mind, The Silly Yak Bakery offers gluten-free snackers their own place of fulfillment. Surrounded by cookies, muffins, pies, and pizza all delectably gluten-free, any person may be exposed to sheer happiness.

Check out this website to find information on making a visit or an order of your own!  

Everyday Struggles of Living Gluten-Free as told by BuzzFeed

Everyday Struggles of Living Gluten-Free

The popular website BuzzFeed creates hilarious content that may relate to almost any aspect of peoples’ lives. In the post above, titled “Everyday Struggles of Living Gluten-Free,” the sad but true facts about gluten-free are revealed with an exaggeratedly funny twist.

Although the restrictions of gluten-free eaters may seem minimal, they can effect many areas of their lives. In this list of 23 struggles, the more inconvenient facts of the matter are evaluated, such as the office or class parties that offer nothing gluten-free as seen in #8.  Of course this list is somewhat over-the-top and evidently hysterical as it picks fun at the everyday obstacles of somebody living gluten-free, but it definitely offers those that deal with it an opportunity to laugh and take this all a little less seriously.

Kids’ Korner

The epitome of childhood is the yummy food that we all know and love.  As a kid, I was one to eat endless amounts of pancakes, pasta, and cookies…who wouldn’t?!  So as a gluten-free child, you may think there are set backs.  Especially to those parents who love to cook with their children, it is important to understand what a gluten-free child can and cannot eat.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness offers a helpfulpage on their website titled “Kids Central,” where a reader will find all things gluten free that will please any and all children who live with this intolerance.  The best part about this site is that it offers the option of either kids or parents, allowing anybody on the page to find just what they are looking for.  

For the kids, there are multiple places to find information about celiac and gluten-free in fun and interactive ways, including games and fundraisers.  For parents, there is helpful information that is well suited for the care taker of anybody with a gluten intolerance.  Along with this are gluten free recipes that a parent can try out with their child, allowing any kid to have the experience of homemade meals and baking with their parent, no matter what they can and cannot eat.

As a child with such food restrictions, I would surely find this website comforting.  It offers parents and kids to see that they truly are not alone, and that a whole community of people is willing to help in finding all sorts of fun things to do athome with celiac needs in mind.

To learn more visit this link,

Feel free to check out the rest of the website as well for plenty of more information about celiac disease, recipes, outlets, and more! 

EZ Interactive Recipes

YouTube has been on the rise for the past few years, providing eager Internet users with more than just black and white font on a computer screen. By creating videos accessible to online consumers, the Internet has become more interactive than ever before. This resource has expanded into all areas of life, providing entertainment and helpful visual aids to accomplishing everyday tasks. The gurus that take part in the YouTube communities have gone from beauty and fashion, to technology and gaming, and now onto cooking as well.

With the rise of gluten free as well, YouTube gurus have been more than accommodating. Although there are many food channels aimed toward foodies lacking food allergies, there are others made specifically for gluten-free needs.

EZ Gluten Free is a channel that posts weekly, introducing new gluten free recipes. Rather than reading a recipe online, the interactive video makes it easier to follow, and more fun to learn. The foods range from meals to desserts that seem almost impossible to be gluten free.

If you’re gluten free and looking for something new, give YouTube a look! Search gluten free and simply see what comes up…search, watch, make, enjoy!

-Kerry Justich

Gluten-Free Beauty

A gluten-free diet is easily turned into a lifestyle when gluten in beauty and skin products becomes a problem.  Although many people who suffer from gluten intolerance may only be affected by gluten that is directly put into their body, others cannot endure wheat, barley, or rye in any part of their regimen.  Products used on the body have recently been proven to be highly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing these external factors to become more of a concern for those who are gluten-free.

By simply searching the web for “gluten free beauty products,” a plethora of relative hits pop up.  Not only are there relatable people creating blogs with information and resources, but also there are products available from sources such as Sephora, and lists provided by InStyle online.  With these popular websites and brands acknowledging the need for gluten-free beauty products, it is easy to see that the gluten-free lifestyle has become widespread.  Marianna Mychaskiw from InStyle writes, “many brands have created options that leave out gluten, meaning you can steer clear of grain in your diet and your beauty routine.”  This increases the accessibility of gluten-free products to those who are truly cautious about the ingredients that they come in contact with.  Without these, unexpected reactions can easily occur.

The transition to a natural and gluten-free lifestyle is one that includes time and effort, and trial and error.  On a website entitled “Gluten Free Beauty,” blogger Kristen writes about the challenges of “finding safe and effective beauty products.”  She touches upon the sacrifices that she made for the gluten-free products that were not giving her preferred results, until she made the decision to test out various products, and for some time, create her own.

Online searches are helpful in finding a regimen for a completely gluten-free lifestyle.  The products that are currently available may be shocking to those that do not understand the prevalence of “gluten-free,” so to those that are just getting started, I would recommend InStyle’s online article “No Gluten? No Problem!” with a list of ten gluten-free beauty products.  You gotta start somewhere!


– Kerry Justich