Glutenista Deems Gluten Free Fabulous

Doesn’t everyone want to be fabulous by being gluten free? provides a website for people do connect to the most fabulous gluten free recipes, news, and information.  Glutenista aims to provide a fabulous gluten free community globally, providing advice and more for anyone who is gluten free.

This website has a list of recipes that are deemed fabulous as well as restaurants that provide options for people that maintain a gluten free diet. This site also provides a list of instructions and symptoms for people that are newly diagnosed.

Most recently, glutenista has been regularly posting different yet still fabulous, gluten free holiday cookie recipes.  She finds these recipes on other sites and tests them out.   If she deems them fabulous enough, then she makes them her “cookie of the day”.  Glutenista will continue doing this, daily, throughout the holiday season.

Glutenista has an incredibly extensive list of recipes including snacks, dinners, BBQ ideas, and more.  As someone who maintains a gluten free diet, I am always looking for new gluten free recipes.  I now will immediately turn to as she provides a wide range of options.  She posts recipes for specific occasions such as thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as basic recipes such as “Puppy Chow”, a delicious peanut butter and chocolatey cereal snack.

To add to this, Glutenista wants you to be as informed as possible.  She wants you to know that even if you are gluten free, you are not alone.  Glutenista provides a list of magazines that one can subscribe to as another source of information.  They also provide a list of gluten free celebrities to show you just how common this diet change can be.  Another important resource is Glutenista’s list of gluten free news.  Glutenista regularly posts new articles from around the web.  This news includes topics from new top recipes to the connection between celiac disease and infertility.  This way, gluten free men and women can stay up to date on all things gluten free.

I recommend that anyone that is gluten free or interested in a gluten free lifestyle, subscribe to receive “fabulous gluten free mail” from  For my information visit the site.  You’ll be amazed by what you can find here.


Gluten Free Gift Baskets

Ever try to send a gift basket to someone with an allergy?  It’s a pain, right?  You constantly struggle, asking different companies such as edible arrangements, popcorn factory and more, what their ingredients are, only to find out that they can not guarantee that there is no cross contamination.  Fortunately, resolves this issue.

I Can Have That is a site designed to send gluten free and allergy friendly gift baskets. Customers can purchase gluten, milk, egg, soy, wheat, tree nut, peanut, fish, or shellfish free baskets.  Why do they accommodate so many allergies you ask?  According to their site, between 4% and 8% of the general population has a food sensitive allergy.  One out of every 133 people has celiac disease and cannot digest gluten, found in wheat, rye, and barely.  Therefore, they focus on gluten free as their main form of gift baskets, but still provide for other allergies.

Jane Erickson developed this site after she and her son were diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006.  Her sister claimed that she wanted to send her sister a gift basket a few weeks later, but could not find one that was entirely gluten free.  Jane approached a friend and thus I can Have That was born.

To add to the accommodations, I can have that prides themselves on providing foods that have a delicious taste even though they are allergy friendly.  This way, people can truly enjoy the gift basket that they receive.  Their baskets each include a variety of goodies for different occasions or cravings.

On the site, you can also purchase gluten free cookbooks, separate knives and cutting boards, or a few other fun toys to add to your gift baskets.  You can also specify the day you want your gift basket to arrive, if it for a special occasion.  All orders received after 2 PM Eastern will be shipped on the following business day.

If your friend or loved one has celiac disease or some other food allergy, brighten their day and check out and send them a gift basket.

Online Gluten Free Shopping

Did you know that you can order gluten free products to be delivered to your home?  Even if your local grocery store does not carry enough gluten free products, you can get them at “The Gluten-Free Mall”.  This website is through  It provides thousands of different brands and products that any person with celiac or a gluten intolerance is bound to love.

This site regularly runs specials on products as well.  Often they will discount popular products.  This can save you a great deal of money since gluten free products are often very expensive.  In face, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, they are currently running specials on different gravy mixes and other Thanksgiving feast essentials.  By using this site, you will be able to find everything you need for your family holiday.  No family member will have to worry about struggling to find food for you to eat.

Not only are there food products on this site, but users can also purchase cookbooks, condiments, cleaning products, vitamins, clothing, and more, all either gluten free or advertising gluten free awareness.  Some of these things can make fun gifts for those that have gluten sensitivities.  You can search products by brand or type that you are looking for.  This makes your search easy considering there are thousands of options on this site.

Gluten free mall also sells frozen foods, such as frozen breads and pizzas.  The Gluten free mall will ship products that are frozen and assure you that they will arrive still frozen as well.  Check out to see more of these products.

Disney Channel Show “Jessie” Mocks Celiac Disease

This past may, the popular Disney show “Jessie” aired an episode that made fun of a gluten free child.  Shortly after, this episode was removed from the regular programing schedule.  The “Jessie” episode was called “Quitting Cold Koala”.  In this episode, a teen nanny was taking care of a child with a gluten free diet.  Jessie, the main character was one of many to make derogatory statements about children who need gluten free diets, mocking the character on the show.

1.8 million Americans have celiac disease and many may not even know that they have it.  Children across the country watch this show and it projected a negative image and allowed the encouragement of mocking this medical reality.  CBS news quoted a mother who has two children with celiac disease but are also “Jessie” fans.  She explained how upset and enraged her children were.

Often times with dietary restrictions, children already feel isolated.  CBS quotes Amy Raslevich, mother, saying, “Disney gave children permission, and an example, to further isolate my children and others like them because of their medical conditions.

In response to the many upset families across the nation, Disney posted this statement on its official Facebook page.  “We are removing this particular episode from our regular programming schedule and will re-evaluate its references to gluten restrictions in the character’s diet. Please accept our apologies for the upset this episode caused you and your family. We value your feedback and thank you for watching Disney Channel.”

Personally, as a teen nanny and someone with celiac disease, I am appalled that Disney would ever consider filming an episode like this.  I was an avid Disney fan as a child, and it concerns me as to the other derogatory marks regarding different types of people that they may have made in the past and that I may not have noticed.  I also believe that Disney should not have simply posted this to their Facebook page.  While I do believe that social media is the most efficient way to distribute this information, I think that Disney should have also held a conference with characters of the show, to repair the damage done to those children.  This would allow the children to see familiar character’s faces, and comfort them in this grave mistake.


Check out the CBS news article for even more information regarding celiac disease and this story.

New to Gluten Free Living

If you’re looking for another resource to provide you with insight into gluten free life and recipes, you should check out “Gluten-Free Living”.  This is a magazine that is published both online and in print.  It provides detailed insight into all things gluten free.

To begin with, the site offers background, indicating its credibility and reputation.  There is a brief biography of the magazine’s founder and directors.  This allows the reader to get to know the magazine a little better.  You can also read the biographies of other staff members, subscribe to the magazine, or find out where you can get the magazine near you.

Next, this magazine provides all the basics for being gluten free.  It gives detailed explanations as to what celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and wheat allergies are.  It also then gives a list of steps as to how to get started if you are new to being gluten free.  In my opinion, one of the best resources on this online magazine is tips for eating out.  It provides a list of restaurants that have gluten free options or are accommodating.  It also provides tips for how to discuss this intolerance with a waiter at a given restaurant.  In fact, it even provides advice for eating foods at a friend’s home.  Personally, I know how important this is, as when I was diagnosed with celiac disease, one of my biggest concerns was eating meals at friend’s homes.

This site also provides advice for your gluten free lifestyle in general.  It indicates advice for seniors, parents and children, and travel.  When traveling, having celiac disease or a gluten intolerance can be very difficult.  However, this site provides a great deal of insight and suggestions that will make your travel easier.

Lastly, the site also provides recipes and nutritional information.  While it is true that many gluten free foods can contain more fat, sugar, or calories in them.  This site provides information about many items that people eat and it also provides information as to whether or not given items are gluten free.

This site is a great resource for gluten free beginners.  I wish I had known about it when I was diagnosed with celiac disease as I had to search many sites to find the pieces of information that I needed.  This site provides all the information a newly gluten free person could need.

If you are gluten free or have a friend who is gluten free, I suggest subscribing to

Connecting with Your Gluten Free Community

Ever feel like you can’t identify, connect, or find other people that are gluten free? (I don’t feel like this as so many people are gluten free these days, but maybe in your area there are not as many people that are gluten free.)  Then you should join Gluten-Free Faces.  Gluten-Free faces is a global gluten free social media site.  There are a wide variety of opportunities available to the gluten free community on this site.


To start, make yourself a member.  Create your own account and page.  Next, it is important to join discussion pages.  The site even recommends that you introduce yourself to the online community.  These are the tips that they give.


  • When were you diagnosed with Celiac / How long have you been gluten-free?
  • How has the transition been for you?
  • What’s your favorite gluten-free food?
  • How did your friends and family react to hearing about your gluten intolerance?
  • How are you feeling today?
  • Anything else you can think of!


After that, it is time to explore the site.  You can check out the featured members as well as the thousands of other members that already have accounts on this social network.  You can even see a global map of the areas that gluten free members are located in.  You can click on your state and find other members that have created profiles from your state.  To add to this map, there is also a map on the site that allows you to find restaurants, hotels/resorts, cruise ships, and grocery stores around your area that accommodate gluten-free diets.


There is a forum to discuss the latest gluten free news, and blogs just to share your feelings or the newest products that you may have enjoyed or not have enjoyed.  Additionally, there is an extensive database of popular gluten free recipes.  Be sure to test some of these out when you get a chance.  This provides a great opportunity to try recipes that other people claim are good.  You can also chat directly with members on this site once you are a member.


Whether you are a new or old member to the gluten free community, this website offers a variety of opportunities for people to connect and to learn new things about the gluten free options and people around them.  I would certainly recommend checking out

Gluten Free Dating

As someone with celiac disease, I understand how uncomfortable things can be when dining with new people.  You don’t want to seem like a pain in “the you know what”.  However, you do have specific dietary restrictions.  Fortunately, for those people who are very concerned about this situation for when they are going on dates, there is now an entirely gluten free dating site.  In fact, this dating site was even featured on AOL news this past week. prides themselves to be “A dating, networking, and informative website where you never have to feel alone, awkward, or a burden because you are gluten-free.”

You can sign up for this website for free to enjoy a life with a gluten free partner whether you are celiac, intolerant, or simply maintaining a healthy diet.  This website allows you to create a profile and begin finding gluten free singles in your area right away for no cost.

Be sure to check out this new online dating site if you are a gluten free single looking for a life partner.

#gluten free

Whether you are gluten free or just have a friend that is gluten free, there are many different accounts on twitter that you can follow that can inform you of many new gluten free resources.  In fact, here at the University of Wisconsin, there gluten free badgers can follow @glutenfreeUW to learn about the latest gluten free information on campus.  The Gluten Free Badgers club created this account.  This club promotes gluten free awareness on campus, and provides a community of students that are gluten free.


Many gluten free twitter accounts tweet a variety of things regarding gluten.  Below is a list of the many gluten free accounts that provide insight into being gluten free.


Accounts for Products and People:

  • @udisglutenfree
  • @gfregistry
  • @delightgfmag
  • @isglutenfree
  • @rudisglutenfree
  • @glutenfreemedia
  • @glutenfreehub
  • @katzglutenfree
  • @glutenfreemama1


There are many more besides these accounts as well.  Simply search gluten free in people on twitter, or #glutenfree to find the gluten free account that best fits your needs.  Be sure to check out all these great accounts for the latest information on new gluten free products, information, and groups.

Government Recognizes Gluten Free

Some may wonder what it means when an item is marked “gluten free” on a shelf in the supermarket.  This past August, the FDA (food and drug administration) set the standard that there is a gluten limit of 20 parts per million in products labeled gluten free.

This is important because it protects people with celiac disease.  This is essential as there is now a much larger demand for gluten free foods.  As someone with celiac, this new law is incredibly exciting.  It assures that I can eat foods that are marked gluten free and know that I will not encounter particles of gluten in which I will have a reaction to.  The industry of gluten free foods has complied with this new change as well.  It creates uniformity across the board for the definition of a gluten free food.

As someone who follows a strictly gluten free diet, I was aware of this new standard.  However, had I not been aware, there was certainly no way that I could miss it.  I follow a variety of gluten free accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  All of these gluten free accounts were sure to post links to a variety of news articles, discussing this new standard.  In fact, The New York Times even included an article discussing the positive aspects of the new standard.  Be sure to check out the link below to see what they had to say!

A Diet Change for Life: Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

Two days after my eighteenth birthday, I got news that I had celiac disease.  This autoimmune disorder requires a strictly gluten free diet for the rest of your life.  However, unlike other gluten free diets, with celiac disease, you cannot cross contaminate food.  At the time, this was the end of the world for me. While I had heard of celiac disease before, I never thought it could happen to me.  My initial response was to shut down.  I locked myself in my room and cried.

When I was ready to face the reality of my new future, I immediately sat down at my computer.  I started with the basics.  I googled “Celiac Disease”.  Within seconds, millions of links came up.  I realized then that there were unlimited resources available to me on the Internet so I could learn how to approach this new lifestyle.

After exploring a variety of links, I found the website  This website was a reliable source.  Not only did it have posts from different people as they learned whether or not a restaurant or product upset their stomach, but there were also posts from professionals that work with the celiac foundation.  The celiac foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises money to find a cure for celiac disease.

It was then that I realized that I was not alone.  More and more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten intolerances.  As a result of the internet, I was able to understand that there are many options available to me through the world wide web.