GOODBYE 2gluten

As our adventure through gluten and the worldwide web comes to an end, it is interesting to reflect on how much can be learned.  Beginning this blog, it was difficult to imagine how gluten-free and the Internet would continue to come together for the future of this blog.  Through Google searches and different interactive media, it has become clear that everything necessary for a successful gluten-free lifestyle can easily be found through endless online resources.  From a fellow gluten-free blogger and others of us that are not, we hope to have shared with you the ins and outs of being gluten-free (or what being gluten-free even means).  For all of your gluten-free needs, continue to come back to goodbye2gluten to check out the outlets that have already been provided for you!

We must now do as we say and kick gluten to the curb, saying goodbye 2 gluten and to our blog. 

Thanks for all of your reading and all of the fun that we have had making this blog!

Your goodbye2gluten bloggers,

Danielle, Ilyssa, Janice, Kerry, and Sammy 


Everyday Struggles of Living Gluten-Free as told by BuzzFeed

Everyday Struggles of Living Gluten-Free

The popular website BuzzFeed creates hilarious content that may relate to almost any aspect of peoples’ lives. In the post above, titled “Everyday Struggles of Living Gluten-Free,” the sad but true facts about gluten-free are revealed with an exaggeratedly funny twist.

Although the restrictions of gluten-free eaters may seem minimal, they can effect many areas of their lives. In this list of 23 struggles, the more inconvenient facts of the matter are evaluated, such as the office or class parties that offer nothing gluten-free as seen in #8.  Of course this list is somewhat over-the-top and evidently hysterical as it picks fun at the everyday obstacles of somebody living gluten-free, but it definitely offers those that deal with it an opportunity to laugh and take this all a little less seriously.