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Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 2.33.30 PM Janice Vargas

Janice Vargas is a junior here at UW-Madison. She is from Chicago and has lived in the city her entire life. She intends to major in Strategic Communication through the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Janice is involved in several organizations on campus, like PRSSA and UW-Ad club. She wishes to pursue a career in advertising or marketing, focusing in digital media. Janice enjoys learning and experiencing new things and always loves surprises! During her free time, she enjoys reading about current events and her guilty pleasure is BuzzFeed and the TV series True Blood. 

Kerry Justichkerry

Kerry Justich is a freshman at UW-Madison from New Jersey. She is hoping to major in journalism and eventually pursue a career specifically in broadcast journalism. She is excited and thrilled to guide her bloggers further in her gluten-free blog and hopes to learn new things as well through this process!

sammySammy Silverman

This is Samantha Silverman, otherwise known as Sammy. She is a freshman from New Jersey. Sammy hopes to major in Journalism. She has been gluten free for a year and she has celiac disease. She hopes to make others aware of this and wants to teach others how she has overcome this disease. Sammy has learned so much and continues to learn more about being gluten-free.

Ilyssa Frankilyssa

This is Ilyssa Frank! She is a freshman from Springfield New Jersey. Ilyssa is a communications major and wants to pursue a career in public relations.

Danielle Misiak
Danielle Misiak, born and raised in New Jersey, is currently a freshman at UW-Madison. Her goal is to major in either communications or journalism, but she’s still undecided. Although Danielle does not eat gluten free herself, she is excited to be a contributor to this blog to help people manage their gluten-free lifestyles. You can usually find Danielle scrolling through BuzzFeed, watching reruns of Dance Moms, or intensely editing pictures on her phone to make them “Instagram worthy.”


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